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On average, Humans have about 6200 thoughts every day. Each of these thoughts is unique but we often jump from one thought to another creating patterns, questions, and filters that give it value, meaning, and context. 

These values over time result in cultivating good learning habits, which over time develop into an understanding; and nurture the cognitive rigour, rationale, and the purpose of its existence.
The richer a thought gets, the more dominating and profound it becomes and paves a path to shape the life of the person having that thought.

For example, Newton had a thought about why objects fall to the ground, and the laws of gravity were discovered. Buddha thought about the woes of human suffering and got enlightened with his curious explorations. Hitler thought about cleaning up the Jews and World war 2 happened. 

Thoughts precede actions; while some thoughts need to be empowered and enriched; some thoughts need to be checked and curtailed. Several thoughts put together shape the movement and the cognition of society. We built Thought Jumper so that you can empower your thoughts and make the most of whatever you are doing.

Thought jumper is a very powerful knowledge graph and helps you organise, collect, refine, explore, represent and share your thoughts in a meaningful, and visual way.

Would you like to find out, what can you do with your thoughts?

Sign up at Thought Jumper and request access to a program that can help you think better. We are on a mission for a better tomorrow for all.

Thought Jumper – Empower Your Thoughts


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