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Thoughtjumper intends to connect the world at the level of technology which has not been imagined before. It is our attempt to give the user the sovereignty over their thoughts & information; aided with structure, semantics, and articulation. These thoughts can be opinions, facts, information and also a unique amalgamation of most of what you think.

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How ThoughtJumper Can change your life?

Keep track of your thoughts

More often than not, curiosity fuels our explorations. Find a spark. Collect them all.

Express your thoughts well

Sharing our thoughts independent of our identities often becomes a huge task. What if you could back your thoughts with facts, evidences and expert opinions as fulcrum? Isn't it is worth exploring.

Enrich and empower your thoughts

Flesh your thoughts with common understanding; garnish it information; contextualise it with powerful and supporting thoughts

Never miss a beat. Never miss a thought

Subscribe to thought feeds from people. See what they are doing? Collaborate almost instantaneously. Wouldn't it be nice if you never had to follow up for certain actions from your team? Well it only takes TJ to do it.

Broadcast your thoughts

Share what you are thinking in real-time. Subscribe thought feeds from people. Cross-pollinate, Discover, Learn & Grow.

Fork a thought; Personalise it or Co-create.

See how your peers think; See the resources they see. Learn from everyone. Share with the world. Collaborate efficiently.

Why A Tool like ThoughtJumper is Needed?

Everyone has their own unique style, and pace of thinking about things; organising information and evolving. A tool like thoughtjumper can significantly help bring about this change, by accelerating, and standardising this process, so that one can collaborate with others and do some of the repeatable and intelligent tasks.

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