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Everyone has their own unique style, and pace of thinking about things; organising information and evolving. A tool like thoughtjumper can significantly help bring about this change, by accelerating, and standardising this process, so that one can collaborate with others and do some of the repeatable and intelligent tasks. Thoughtjumper has its learning curve, but if you beat it, it will surprise you and through you the world! Watch the small clip below to see a story on the influence of tool in human life.

You will have to apply at . You can learn more about it in this video:

You will have to raise a ticket via chatbot.

You can do it via chatbot, else you can use #question-answer and #suggestions channels of Discord. We would love to help you in your journey.

You can report a bug via chatbot. You can also do it via #bug-report channel of Discord.

Your small efforts would help us make the tool better; and in turn we would ensure that your submissions don't go unanswered.

Your account can be blocked if you don't follow the rules mentioned in Discord server, or Terms & Conditions mentioned in the application. If you think this was a mistake, do write to us.

You can go to Settings, available at quick navigation menu in top right of the page. You can update your profile details on the profile page.

If you want to change some other information like - email or username, you can raise a ticket using the chatbot.

Email us at and we will get back to you.

Technical Queries

Please contact support via chatbot to help you with the password reset process.

We will automate this after the access to Thought Jumper is made public

Please contact support via chatbot to help you with the email address update process.

We will automate this after the access to Thought Jumper is made public

You will find an unsubsribe link on every email, you can use it. If it doesn't work, please contact support via chatbot.

In case of any other requirements, please feel free to reach out to the customer support team using Discord or in-app Chat support widget.

You cannot change your profile picture in beta release.

User personalization is available in-app. We are slowly rolling out more personalization options.

As of now, your profile page is only visible to you.

By default, you only see your notes in the Notes Library widget. You can click on the first icon to toggle between your and all the publicly available notes.

By default, you see all the publicly available graphs in the Graph Library widget. You can click on the first icon to toggle between your and all the publicly available graphs.

As of now, no filter is available in the Quest Library widget for toggling between your and all the publicly available thoughtmaps or quests.

Each User Generated Content powered widget comes with an option to filter in content generated by you.

Thought Jumper has several roles suited for different users including - guest, beginner, auditor, ninja, moderator, admin.

You can read more about roles here:

All user roles that are currently held by the logged-in User are visible in the profile drop-down on the top right. You can read more about roles here:

Thought Jumper comes gamified by default. Every action is rewarded with points to the user. Once you reach a role slab you will automatically be given the next role.

We are also coming up with domain specific roles. These would surface in the final release in the upcoming months.

Concepts in ThoughtJumper

In TJ, the basic unit is a Thought.

Anything that causes a User's Neuron to fire is called a Thought

You can read more about Thoughts here:

And here

A Graph of thoughts
You can read more about Thought Map here:

And here

By definition, A systematic Linked actionable Thought Map is called a Quest. It enables a guided experience to be created from a Thought Map that you create/view in Thought Jumper.

You can read more about Quest here:

And here

To capture thoughts into thought Jumper, you can use the Browser Extension BoostEd:

The feature depth of the TJ ecosystem would take months to master, however, the simple interaction design allows Users to get started and create their first Thought Map in just a few minutes!

You can read more about Widget here:

And here

You can share your Thought Map or a Quest with others. You could also invite others to fork your Thought Maps into the Ecosystem.

TJ pulls data, images, videos and 3d Models from various hubs on the web. Different widgets are use to visualize these. You can learn more about each from their respective widgets:

Thought Jumper is powered by the resources in the public domain on the internet. This makes it practically limitless and difficult to count.

We are told there are about 7 billion entities, 800 million videos, 35 million books, and 682 billion web articles.

Thoughtjumper is rich in concept heavy resources. By concept heavy we mean that it is far more powerful in base concepts that are defined as abstract ideas. They are understood to be the fundamental building blocks of the concept behind principles, thoughts and beliefs.They play an important role in all aspects of cognition. Thought Jumper is very rich in these.

Subjective common understanding is difficult to form; but there are several resources on the internet that help propagate these diversely.

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