Empower your Thoughts with Thought Jumper

Thought Jumper is thought taking tool to help you create your own ecosystem of thoughts such that you can nurture it with meaning, connections and context. You may also map your understanding into structures and processes.


Kindle your search with a thought

Everything starts with a search. Let us say we want to know about – Solar Systems.  

Thought Jumper shows matching search results.

On choosing a key phrase, Thought Jumper attempts to populate a neighbourhood of thoughts around your chosen key phrase.


Build a Trail of Thoughts

Follow up your search with something new. See if the two thoughts are connected.


View your thoughts in Several widgets

Thought Jumper has a plethora of widgets to show different kinds of assets for the chosen key phrase.

  • Detail
  • Data card
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Books
  • 3d Models
  • Opinions on Twitter
  • Search results
  • Concepts in its Neighbourhood

Visualise & Organise your thoughts

Thought Jumper lets you

  • create your own ecosystem of thoughts.
  • define custom properties and can link with other thoughts using actions.
  • Map your understanding into structures and processes

Share your thought Process

Everyone has their own unique style, and pace of thinking about things; organising information and evolving.

Thought Jumper lets you keep track of your thought journey.


Create a Quest

Everybody learns differently; and learning is often a boring task. This is where a Quest comes in.

A Gamified Thought Map with hidden treasures is called a Quest. A Quest ensures a guided, as well as personalised experience, to learn about something new.


Broadcast your Thoughts

Share your thoughts in real-time; and subscribe to other people’s thought feed.

Use cases

Thought Jumper is for everyone.

Learning can be – supervised and unsupervised; guided and self-driven, scoped and open; focused and diverse. 

Thought Jumper supports it all.

 Fish information from several resources; link them together; scope it with context and meaning.

Collecting your bandwagon of thoughts was never so easy.

Explore how characters are linked to plots; explore how plots are linked to storylines.

Explore, Learn, Author.

Keep track of your ever evolving thoughts and activities. Map your processes into a thought graph.

Learn more about your own behaviours, interests and search patterns.

Never miss a beat.

Reduce follow ups. Broadcast your thoughts. Collaborate, Share, Co-create.

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Build your Knowledge Graph, to leverage the power of linked data, aided with cutting technology and aggregate human comprehension.

Become a Knowledge Organisation and stay ahead of the curve.


Upcoming Events

Our R&D team is extensively into active experiments. We have made it a practice to share our learning with the world. 

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May 31st, 2022

Thinking Demystified, Somewhat!​

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June 30th, 2022

How Organisations can leverage and benefit from their own data?

Semantic Footprint of your Thoughts

July 29th, 2022

How To Get Empowered By Your Search History?​

Transcribing our Journey

Some of our learnings also get documented as part of our journals.


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