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TJ is the result of years of hard work and decades of experience. It is an ecosystem of tools for Collecting, Exploring, Organising, Curating, Visualising, Sharing and Collaborating on your Thoughts and Activities.

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Breathe life into your explorations

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Get empowered

Everyone has their own unique style of exploring, consuming and sharing information. A tool like ThoughtJumper can significantly help bring about this change, by accelerating, and standardising this process.

Augment your Learning

TJ is for Anyone who is curious in doing things in new and smarter ways and wants to know, learn, research, teach, explore, or author meaningful content.

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Consolidate your explorations

TJ gives you semantically rich information curated from various resources (Neighbouring concepts, Data card, 3D Models, Videos, Dendograph, Twitter and much more) on one dashboard. You can start afresh; or follow someone else’s trail. 

Join the Early Access Program

You will be the first digital citizens outside of our cave who will get exclusive access to some of the superpowers TJ gives us.

Once you are in, you will be assigned a contact who will take you through the capabilities of the tool, and help you with your own explorations, so that your time and effort have returns.

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Build insights with Widgets

Widgets are a very integral part of the TJ ecosystem which enable you to digitise and visualise thoughts.

Each of the widgets are unique and useful for building a wholistic perspective, dissecting information, and capturing your thoughts.

TJ is attempting to revolutionise the way we consume, explore and share meaningful information. To get early access please sign up.

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